Have you ever wondered what
it would be like to be a dog?
Learn the story of this family as you
grow and bond with them.
Will you become man's best
friend in the end?
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Atlas: Life of a Dog is about you, a dog who just became adopted into a typical family. You'll learn to bond with your new family by spending time with them, playing mini-games, and understanding their story. If you've ever had a dog, love dogs, or want to know what it's like to be one, then you'll want to see what's in store for Atlas.



Lead Programmer and CCO

Chris is the founder of StoryBoard Interactive. He’s passionate about story-driven games and telling unique stories. Formerly a Production Editor at O’Reilly Media, he worked with Raph Koster on his book A Theory of Fun for Game Design. When he’s not programming and designing, he can be seen watching too many YouTube videos and hiking.


Head Writer and CEO

Pallas is a serial entrepreneur who has started and run businesses ranging from the food industry to higher education. She is excited to be working in this exciting and creative industry and glad to be a part of such a talented and visionary team. Her favorite games are The Stanley Parableand The Walking Dead.


Art Director

Hadara studies Game Art and Animation at Champlain College.  She hopes to one day be an environment artist. Hadara has also worked for various gaming sites and has made graphics for both Twitch and Youtube content creators.  In her spare time, she enjoys sewing cosplays and live streaming.


Lead Composer

Solon is a music major at Yale University. A composer and arranger, he has worked on music for the concert hall, film, television, stage, and video games. When he’s not composing, you can often find him performing with his a cappella group, The Duke’s Men.

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